How To Force Feed A Cat

If your cat is not eating her food properly, this is a bad sign. They need to have food every day. Not having their food for more than one day is something you should not ignore. You must try to make them eat, even if it means forcing them.
I have seen kittens often do this, and it’s easier to feed them. But for an adult cat, it’s not normal and not so easy to feed them. So here are some ideas that might help you on how to force feed a cat.

Why Is Your Cat Not Eating Her Food

First of all, you need to understand why your cat is not eating her food properly. Here are some possible reasons – 

  • Appetite 

Maybe your cat is not finding her meal tasteful anymore. So you might have to change her routine and food options too. If you have been giving her the same dry cat food for a long time, now you should start giving her some wet food. You will find canned food out there and try different flavors.

Some of us don’t take these things seriously. But later on, this can lead to some serious problems. 

  • Mood Swings

All the time, it’s not a serious issue that your cat is not eating properly. She may be feeling mentally unwell or alone. Try to keep her mind fresh, give her some time, play with her. She will be tired and hungry, and she will begin to eat again if she feels better.

So, try not to jump to the conclusion too soon that she is sick. 

  • Recent Vaccination 

Many cats don’t like eating after vaccinations, but this situation doesn’t stay long. Frequent vaccinations can be the reason as well. 

  • Medical Problems  

Not eating for 24-72 hours is kind of a red signal. Make sure to take her to the vet. Have her checked as soon as possible. 

Do not ignore the symptoms because she might have a serious disease like kidney or liver failure, cancer, flu, toothache, diabetes, fever, or infection.    

How to Force Feed a Cat 

After failing with all the options, you will end up having only one way. Please consult with a vet before force feeding your cat. 

Here is how you can force feed the feline – 

  • Choose Suitable Foods

For the kittens, you can try the human baby foods you find at the stores. As for the adult cats, find some wet or canned cat foods (buy different flavors), cat treats, etc.

Calculating the calories is a very good option. You need to measure your cat’s weight and take a good look at the package’s back. It is on you how many times you want to feed your cat. The plan is to feed them at least twice a day or maybe thrice a day according to the need.   

  • Get a Syringe

If you have kittens or an adult cat, you will probably need a syringe and a tissue or towels to clean the mess up. A 10cc syringe is preferable for kittens, and a 60cc large syringe is preferable for adult cats. 

  • Start Feeding

First, wrap the towel around your cat’s neck to make the process less messy. Try to start with a small amount. Adult cats might not have a problem with a regular or large portion of the food. But a kitty will find it difficult to swallow.

Now, draw the food up in your syringe, then put the syringe in the corner of your cat’s mouth. Push the food slowly. Repeat the feeding, and within some minutes, you both will be comfortable with the process. 

Be gentle while feeding a kitten. Unlike adult cats, you won’t need to do many struggles here. You can quite easily force feed the kittens. 

The problem comes when you try to do it with adult cats. Things won’t be that easy. If your cat has been weak these days, then she probably won’t have much strength left. But if she is not weak, she will try to fight back.

All cats are not the same. I’ve seen both the gentle and naughty ones. Don’t worry. Just keep trying, and eventually, you will make it.

There are also feeding tubes available there on the market. But it’s quite expensive, and you don’t really need that for the job. A syringe is much cheaper and easier to force feed a cat with.

Again, here is the blueprint and 7 simple steps to force feed your cat –

  1. Have your food and syringe ready, which you bought from the market. 
  2. Grab a towel before force feeding as things can get out of hand. 
  3. If it is a kitty, then use a smaller syringe and wrap the kitten in your towel. And if it is an adult cat, then use a bigger syringe available, and wrap the towel around her neck. 
  4. Take a good position for both you and your cat. The process takes a while, so holding them up in an awkward position will not be good for any of you. 
  5. Put the syringe at the corner of your pet’s mouth and start squirting a little bit. Gradually increase the amount. Do not hasten to force feed her. Let her swallow it as much as she can properly. 
  6. If you feed your adult cat some heavy food, then remember to give her some water also. 
  7. Clean her up and the mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Force Feeding Safe?

Force feeding is fully safe if you do it in proper way. Your cat needs to eat regularly. It is very important for her health. If she cannot do it, you have to feed her.

When Should We Force Feed?

If your cat doesn’t eat for 24-72 hours, that’s when you need to force feed her. Never mind asking a vet.

Should I get my cat to a vet?

It is always better to go to a vet. Have her medically checked and consult with the vet.


Force feeding your cat is not very difficult. You just have to know the proper steps and the right pieces of information about how to force feed a cat.

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